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-Self Publishing Package
-Editing Services
-Author Photograph

Self Publishing Package Includes

-Complete set up with book printer
-ISBN assignment
-Bar code creation
-US Copyright registration
-Cover Design
-Personalized Back Cover Design
-Author Photograph
-Interior Book Design
-Black and White Interior/Color Cover
-Hard copy proof before final print (to be returned to Sandbox for our library)
-Author Volume Discounts with printer

Editing Services

Editing at $40/hr: We can tailor editing services to any budget.  For one hour up to as many hours as you can afford, we can read part or all of your manuscript and give you feedback on its viability in the ever changing book market.  This service can just be a read through or a line and content edit.

Partial Manuscript Edit: Our editors will examine a portion of your work, typically the first chapter, up to 1,700 words or 7 pages.  This is not a full manuscript edit and typically takes our editors two to three weeks to return to you a copy of the full line and content edits of your piece including feedback on your writing style. $160.00 (up to 4 hours)

Full Manuscript Edit: Our editors will examine your entire work, typically 60,000 words or 250 pages.  In approximately sixty days our editors will return a copy of the full line and content edits of your manuscript including feedback on your writing style. $40/hour

Photography Services

Author Photograph: We will photograph you, the author, in our studio.  Our photographer will take a myriad of head shots and send you the five best. $110.00

front cover

“From start to finish the good people at West Cornwall Publishing were a delight to work with and supremely helpful. They brought my work to life in the best possible ways and made the maze of publishing easily navigable. Libby Mitchell was professional, knowledgeable, accessible and creative – always respectful of my writing and spot on with her suggestions. When I am ready to publish again I will happily return to West Cornwall Publishing.”
-Rev. James L. Burns, author of Daily Meds